Get inspired with talking products from Dinotalk, Inc., creators of the original Talking Envelope. Dinotalk’s products allow you to record your voice or other sound memory onto an envelope, ornament, photo frame or paper to deliver a truly personalized message that will make a lasting, first-class impression with the recipient. Use Talking Paper to add sound to any photo card or greeting card to wish someone a Happy Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or holiday. With Talking Envelopes, you can present a gift card with a personalized message to offer your congratulations, thanks or holiday best wishes. Or, really stand out with an XL Happy Birthday envelope. Dinotalk’s talking frames are a perfect way to capture a sound memory (i.e., baby’s heartbeat, baby’s first words) onto a frame or record a special message onto the frame that depicts the family, a vacation or special trip, etc. Plus, Dinotalk’s Major League Baseball Talking Frame is the best way to capture your memories from the trip to the ballpark or your favorite team. And the holiday season is the right opportunity to record a special message onto a Talking Ornament that can be placed on the tree or used a gift card holder or photo frame. Whether sublimely silly, serious, hopelessly romantic or just for fun, Dinotalk will deliver your message with originality each and every time. Be unique, be original, be inspired and stand out from the crowd at every special occasion opportunity or holiday, start Dinotalking now!

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